2021-02-12 My WSL2 on Windows Setup
Since using Cygwin or MSYS2 is incredible slow and some stuff simple does not work, I switched to Linux on Windows aka as WSL2. I'm using it to build and use my Amiga toolchain and even using Eclipse on Linux from Windows... read more

2019-01-02 Debugging Amiga Programs with Eclipse
Using my Amiga toolchain I'm able to create programs for AmigaOS3 and also debugging with gdb is working. Now I finalized the Eclipse integration. Here are the steps to develop for the Amiga with Eclipse in C/C++

2018-06-14 Building GDB 8.1.x for the Amiga
After running the gcc 6 compiler for the Amiga, my Amiga toolchain seems to be quite usable and newlib starts to work as default, a debugger is still missing. It's time to deal with GDB for the Amiga. read more

2017-04-08 Building GCC 6.x for the Amiga
I forked the https://github.com/bebbo/amigaos-cross-toolchain and added the gcc-6 branch. Eventually I added more Amiga specific options. Now I started to hack gcc to produce even better code. read more

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