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2018-06-14 Building GDB 8.1.x for the Amiga
After running the gcc 6 compiler for the Amiga, my Amiga toolchain seems to be quite usable and newlib starts to work as default, a debugger is still missing. It's time to deal with GDB for the Amiga. read more

2017-04-08 Building GCC 6.x for the Amiga
I forked the https://github.com/bebbo/amigaos-cross-toolchain and added the gcc-6 branch. Eventually I added more Amiga specific options. Now I started to hack gcc to produce even better code. read more

2016-12-23 Do you need best compression? Then use zstd
Since I am a Total Commander user, I needed a WCX plugin for zstd. read more

2016-10-26 Updated: Building GCC 6.2.0 for the Amiga
I am reviving my good old Amigas. Now I want an up to date compiler. Why not gcc 6.2.0? read more

2016-10-19 Which one ist the best C for the Amiga?
Since I am playing around with different compilers for the Amiga, I am just curious which one is the best available today? read more

2016-10-03 Building GCC 6.2.0 for the Amiga
I am reviving my good old Amigas. Now I want an up to date compiler. Why not gcc 6.2.0? read more

2016-05-03 Fixing glassfish 4.1.1 memory leak (again)
I once wrote a ContextListener to patch live objects in glassfish 3.* and 4.0. Now I am pulbishing my the updated code to clean also glassfish 4.1.1. read more

2016-01-04 hsperf a Munin Plugin
Since it's sometimes helpful to see what 'happens' inside a JVM I am using tolls like VisualVM. Now I wanted some graphs added to munin, but I dislike the idea of using JMX, so I wrote a Munin Plugin... read more

2015-11-23 SFTPTC is out.
Major changes:
  • FIXED #8 reconnect an expired session could cause a crash
  • ADDED if the connection is broken, one attempt to reconnect is done immediately
Download link is here

2014-08-30 SFTP4TC is out.
Major changes:
  • FIXED #1 can not connect by edit connection (quick connections were broken)
Download link is here

2014-08-26 SFTP4TC is out.
Major changes:
  • ADDED new commands ".show" and ".hide" to change show/hide of .files
Download link is here

2014-08-01 Glassfish an infinite source of bugs?
With new version of the Glassfish application server but also with new versions of Java itself the challenge remains:
  • Can we get rid of the memory leaks?
The recent posted fixes are not enough for the current beta of glassfish 4.0.1 - let's get them fixed before the verions goes live
read more

2014-06-17 VisualVM bug https://java.net/jira/browse/VISUALVM-478 finally fixed
VisualVM was finally fixed. There is no new full version, but your running VisualVM should prompt and report an update for 2 components. Download these updates, restart and: yes, the graphic bug is fixed.
  • Thanks!

2014-06-11 SFTP4TC is out.
Major changes:
  • ADDED support for background copies
  • ADDED support for Total Commander's passwort store (check SFTP4TC options)
  • FIXED connect did not terminate properly after N password errors
Download link is here

2014-06-02 SFTP4TC is out.
Major changes:
  • UPDATE updated to PuTTY 0.63
  • CHANGED improved stability if connection drops.
  • ADDED support for x64
Download link is here

2013-08-21 VisualVM 1.3.6b1 - updated version
VisualVM is a nice tool to help search performance issues or memory leaks.

This version still has the graphic bug in the monitor view. Simply wait until the graphs start shifting and try to understand what "Actually the current code works as designed" means. Or watch this video: http://franke.ms/download/20120410_1505_48.avi

Feel free to use the fixed VisualVM 1.3.6b1 version.

rev: 1.71