GNU gdb (GDB) 8.1 for the Amiga

After running the gcc 6 compiler for the Amiga, my Amiga toolchain seems to be quite usable and newlib starts to work as default, a debugger is still missing. It's time to deal with GDB for the Amiga.

Final Goal

Since I am using Eclipse cdt for Amiga C/C++ development I would like to have a working debugger in Eclipse. Eclipse suports gdb versions having the mi2 interface. This simplifies the decsion: gdb 4.16 does not support mi2 -> go for a recent version.
When I started to work in gdb it was GNU gdb (GDB)


To run GDB you need a working bfd package. If bfd is required, I wanted also updates to ld, as and the rest of the binutils.
For a convenient handling in Eclipse, I want a remote stub which loads the program into some kind of gdbserver matching the cross gdb binary.
Here's my TODO list:

Current state

Today I debugged the first Amiga C program remotely at C source level: /amiga/gdb1.png

What's Working

So far working: /amiga/gdb2.png


clean exit

It's not clean yet, but acceptable for me.

less (no?) seg faults of gdb on unsupported commands

This seems to be a cygwin issue, but I added some hacks.

Get it

You'll need

Use it

... there is still some work left, but it starts to be useful
rev: 1.16