2009-06-24 released SFTP for TotalCMD
Since the progress bar was disfunctional, it needed a fix. Now it looks smoother than ever to me.
Check it out at http://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=2273

Since the SFTP4TC download link at berlios seems to be slow you may also use this download link: wfx_sftp_1_2_60_1_base_bin.zip
2009-06-22 psftp.dll for SFTP for TotalCMD
Due to more bug fixes the fix now contains 2 files provided in wfx_sftp_1_2_60_0_base_bin.zip. It contains the core plugin which you have to configure yourself.
Or get the recent version ( and update the DLLS with those from the ZIP file.
This version is now live at SFTP4TC.
2009-06-12 psftp.dll for SFTP for TotalCMD
After struggling with the Total Commander and the old SFTP for TotalCMD plugin which ceases to work with current SSH/SFTP demons, I grabbed the sources of the plugin and added the recent Putty sources.

The result is not perfect but seems to work.

If you are desperate then feel free to update plugins psftp.dll. Replace the psftp.dll of the plugin and restart the Total Commander.

The Past: Welcome
Welcome to Stefan Franke's personal page.

During the last years the count of my web sites grew a bit. The purpose of this web site is
  1. to have a central page to manage and link to all my web sites
  2. provide informations, tools etc. which is related to my personal work.

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