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2010-12-07 How do You format Your Java source?
There have been many discussions about how source code should be formatted. Isn't it incredible how much energy is wasted in 'spaces' versus 'tab' discussions? Fighting battles about things you don't see? Well, it affects the layout of your code, but both are not directly visible.

One solution is to use a format which is used in the department, company, wherever. But often only the client side is affected.

I suggest using a 'pre-check in hook'. (edit: this can't be done with SVN, but CVS works fine, also mercurial or GIT should do it). But which formatter matches the IDE formatter?

If you use Eclipse there is a solution: read more
2010-11-22 Parallelize your ANT builds.
Today even most laptops have more than one cpu, but also most build processes do not utilize all cpu's thus waisting time. While my bnm tool allows to parellelize maven based builds, ANT provides the <parallel> tag. Unfortunatley this often kills the builds... read more
2010-09-16 Internet Explorer 9 beta is out
To enable inprivate filtering from start add a DWORD for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Safety\PrivacIE\FilteringMode with value 1.
2010-07-18 SFTP4TC is out with minor fixes:
Minor bug fixes:
  • FIXED if a file copy to server failed, the source file could remain locked.
  • FIXED copies to the server did not preserve the file stamp.
  • FIXED hiding .names caused an exception in the unicode version.
Download to install the plugin.
2010-05-09 SFTP4TC is out with minor fixes:
Minor bug fixes:
  • FIXED #016602 aborting folder copies now aborts more early.
  • FIXED #016660/#016661 prompt is cleared - no more trash shown.
  • FIXED #017032 user name is now limited to 50 characters.
Download to install the plugin.

rev: 1.4