A ZStandard packer Plugin for the Total Commander

The new compressor zstd provides really good compression. Since there is no plugin yet, I built one.
Its capabilities are limited like gzip / bzip, so you can compress/decompress one file. So apply tar before.
The tar command line looks like:
tar cf foo.tar.zst -I /usr/local/bin/zstd foo/*
to create a ZStandard packed tar file.


The source is found at bebbo's zstd wcx at github.

Install packages

Name Version Size
wcx_zstd_1_1_3_4.zip 315.660b


VERSION [2017-02-02]
* Added support for MemPack thus tar.zst archives can be created.

VERSION [2017-02-01]
* Fixes for compressed file size > 2GB

VERSION [2016-12-24]
* Fixes for 64 bit version for memory pointer > 32 bit

VERSION [2016-12-23]
* Initial Version - using zstandard 1.1.3

rev: 1.7